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A recent statement by Enrico Gatti:

Yesterday I played all day on the Toscane Stradivarius Violin which is owned by The Academia of Sante Cecila Rome, and recorded two pieces with it, I played one of the pieces with the bow you made for me, and they went very well together!!


Musicians playing with my bows can be found in the following and other orchestra’s:

- Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century

- New Dutch Academy

- Rotterdam Symphony Orchestra

- West Australian Symphony Orchestra

- Sydney Symphony Orchestra

- The Brandenburg Orchestra (Australia)

- Baroque Orchestra of the Dutch Bach Vereniging (N.B.V.)

- New Symfonietta Amsterdam

- Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra (Artistic director: Ton Koopman)

- Les Arts Florissants (Paris)

- Anima Eterna (Belgium)

- Japan Bach Collegium

- La Petite Bande

- Orchestra Libera Classica (Artistic leader: Hidemi Suzuki)

- Amsterdam String Quartet

- and others.....


Some musicians playing with my bows:

Kees Hulsman- Concertmaster of the Rotterdam Symphony Orchestra
Hidemi Suzuki- Conductor/ Cellist and Artistic leader of Orchestra Libera Classica
Azumi Takada- Concertmaster of Orchestra Libera Classica and Japan Bach Collegium
Lidewij v/d Voort- A Concertmaster of the New Dutch Academy
Wouter Möller- Leader of Celli with The Orchestra Of the Eighteenth Century
Simon Murphy- Artistic Leader/ Viola Of the New Dutch Academy
Paul Wright- Leading player in period Music in Australia
Suzy Wijsman- Leading Celloplayer in Australia
Shigeru Sakurai- Japan Bach Collegium
Yukimi Kambe- Viola Da gamba

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